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What is a khipu?

“A Khipu was a knotted string device used by the Inca Indians of South America as a device for record keeping and accounting. Khipus played a key part in the administration of the Inca empire. Research suggests they use a form of binary system, like computers, that could record various types of information.

Our range

Kerrie Smith's overall experience in small business management from one person home offices to global multi-company operations and in MYOB products means she can offer the best professional help you can get with MYOB.

  • Not for profit & charities
  • Sporting clubs
  • Manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Nursing services
  • Tourist operations
  • Restaurants
  • Government departments

Making Life Easier for
Small to Medium Businesses

  • Registered BAS Agent
  • MYOB Product Specialist
  • MYOB Sales Installation & training
  • Budgets & cash flow management using Calxa
  • Viberent Software Specialist
  • Point of Sale solutions - Kounta & RetailManager
  • Remote Stocktaking solutions - Barcode Logic
  • Remote support with LogMeIn Rescue

What People say

In the year 2000 when GST became a part of everyday living, Kerrie was an extremely vital figurehead with the establishment of the new financial structure required within our business. She has trained and guided us through many areas of our MYOB system with her expert knowledge. Kerrie has adapted and set up new systems within our business each one being unique gathering information as required. No problem is unsolvable with Kerrie as she methodically tracks and collates information which is crucial to the fiscal efficiency of our business.

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Caravan & Boat Sales, Accessories, Repairs Port Macquarie NSW